by evgenipanev

Welcome, my name is Evgeni Panev.

I’m video and motion design creator since 2011, from Bulgaria. Here you will find a small part of my work. I’ve been working on all kinds of video productions – movies, television series, commercials, music videos. My specialization area is cinematography, video editing, motion graphics design and 3D animations. I have bachelor degree in Filmmaking. Being part of so many projects and meeting different people I’ve learned a lot about quality and the new trends in all kind of visualization project. I have the ability to work independently but also be collaborative in a team setting of profesionals when the project is more complex.

I can ensure high quality in every project by having strong eye for every detail and understanding the standards and best practices for optimizing video for web and tv. Flexible and organized enough to manage multiple projects at once. Keeping up to date with filming methods, equipment, and video technologies.

Painting with light, objects and textures is the moment of expressing the feelings that I would like to be understood while watching the final product. Editing and putting all parts together is the time after shooting to create the true storytelling line of the project. Every aspect of movie making is awesome
but being behind the camera and editing is my true passion. Creating moments and great work
of stories that stay in time, this is what makes me highly motivated to continue doing it.

Filmmaking is a chance to live many lifetimes. 

Robert Altman


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Contact info:

Email: info@videoexpert.bg

Phone: +359 894 396 580

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